Education and outreach resources

We aim to broadly disseminate our research to enhance understanding of the ecological and evolutionary impacts of climate change to students and the public. We are building interactive R Shiny applications and associated tutorials to allow students and others interested to explore the ecological and evolutionary impacts of climate change through interacting with data. See our TrEnCh-ed website.

Project-specific quantitative tools

We publish code associated with particular publications or applications in GitHub or Dryad respositories. Resources include the following:

Extreme value analysis for temperature data

From a review paper on quantifying thermal extremes Dryad Respository GitHub Repository

From a perspective paper on leveraging organismal biology to forecast the effects of climate change GitHub Repository

Model of butterfly responses to climate change- Integrates microclimate, developmental, biophysical, demographic, and evolutionary models

Quantitative genetic model: GitHub Repository Simpler but less documented than below.

Model at biogeographic scales: GitHub Repository

Spatial autoregressive models and Colias butterfly museum data Dryad Respository