TrEnCh: Tools for TRanslating ENvironmental CHange into organismal responses

Learn more about our project here. We practice open science and this site serves as our project notebook. We welcome you to join our project.


Climate change models often predict ecological responses using coarse measurements of air temperature. But animals experience their environment at much finer resolution, responding to changes in environmental conditions at the scale of minutes and meters. We provide computational and visualization tools that translate coarse air temperature models into fine-scale predictors of how animals and ecosystems will respond to climate change. If we’re going to effectively fight climate change, we need to understand what it means for the plants, animals, and ecosystems on our planet.

Project components:

  • TrenchR: An R package for environmental and ecological biophysics, TrechR offers microclimate models as well as accessible energy budget models to translate microclimate into estimates of animal body temperature.
  • TrEnCh-ed: interactive data visualizations for education
  • TrEnCh-ir: thermal image respository for image conversion, storage, and education.
  • TrEnCh-map: Visualizations exploring organismal responses to environmental conditions.