Version numbers follow Semantic Versioning.


First major release

  • Edited parameters and units for consistency.
  • Updated some equations in response to reviewer suggestions.
  • No backwards compatibility is ensured.
  • Added a citation file.

GitHub Actions

  • Builds now occur on GitHub
  • Includes package build and check across platforms, test coverage, pkgdown site build

Website auto-build

  • No need to render locally and push

Extensive unit testing

  • Virtually 100 percent coverage

Documentation via bibTeX and Rdpack

  • To allow for significant amount of citations and cross-references

Package preparation

  • significant codebase edits for tidying and streamlining in advance of CRAN submission.

Argument edits

  • Standardizing arguments across functions

Function names

  • Articulated function names
  • For example,
    • surface_area_from_mass replaces sa_from_mass to align with spelled out names across other functions
    • surface_area_from_length replaces sa_from_length to align with spelled out names across other functions
    • proportion_silhouette_area replaces prop_silhouette_area
    • proportion_silhouette_area_shapes replaces prop_silhouette_area_shapes